– Dimensions: L 7.5′ x W 7.5′ x H 0.3′ (L 2,3m x W 2,3m x H 0,1m)
– Minimum Water Depth: 1.21 m
– Capacity: 4

Makes the perfect island for swimming, playing or lounging.

In a resort setting, floating platforms can easily double beach revenues when added to an existing chair/umbrella program. By incorporating platforms into an Aquapark design to increase parental participation, parents are given a place to rest and families can also congregate during Aquapark use. The durable construction allows it to be anchored all season long, if necessary. Includes 8 D-rings on the top for attaching accessories, such as the soft pack, or a way to attach other watercraft such as wave runners or SUP boards.

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