Pricing & Packages

5% Price Guarantee

Pricing made easy! We pride ourselves on being extremely competitive, so we guarantee to beat any comparable quote you receive, by at least 5%, from any other ISO certified brand.

You Choose

We can offer any level of service you need. Some customers need product only, they are happy to self-install with our support. Others look for a turn-key solution, design, delivery, install, marketing, launch, after care, the works. We offer no single set package, our experience tells us every partner is unique, so we build a package around your needs.

Pricing & Packages

Instant Stock

Super fast delivery, this is a big part of what gives Aquaglide the edge. We proudly stock vast quantities of the Aquaglide commercial range in our UK Warehouses. 48 hour delivery on the entire commercial range is the standard we set.


24/7 Service

This may seem a standard offer in 2021, claimed by all, met by some. We are a family firm, there is no 9 to 5. Technical support on a sunday morning, or a late night pricing request, we are on hand. Service is everything, and on this we will not be beaten.


3 Year Commercial Warranty

Aquaglide commercial products are backed by a 3-year warranty against any defect in material or workmanship. Currently a 3-Year warranty is the longest available from any brand on the market. We proudly stand behind our product, enabling us to build long-term partnerships.

Benefit From Our Experience

Biggest Brand

Aquaglide commands a 70% share of the current UK aquapark market, and we enjoy frequent contact with our 40 partner sites. This gives us detailed insight, live feedback and huge experience on a scale that no other brnad can match.

Professional Install Service

Over the last 3 years we have directly installed 15 parks, completed by our professional in-house team. Using a custom built anchor barge, and our vast experience, we are now istalling 100 person parks in less than 3 full days.

Est. 1995

As a brand Aquaglide are the most experienced and longest standing manufacturer of premium inflatable watersports equipment on the market. With a legacy of high quality, durable products where safety is paramount, they have become the world leader in aquaparks and commercial watersports and leisure products. Decades of experience, using only the best materials and with the most safety conscious designs on the market, this is what makes Aquaglide the top choice for your aquapark, whether to purchase or visit and enjoy.

About Us

We are Watersports World UK, we are the Official Distributor for the UK & Ireland for the complete Aquaglide collection, commercial, paddle and sport ranges, as well as host of other complimentary brands. We are proud to be a compact family run firm where the values of customer service and building a lasting relationship with our customers and partners still run strong. As a company we have amassed a vast amount of experience in the creation and installation of Aquaglide Aquaparks and have a dedicated and knowledgable team to guide you through from the first inception of the aquapark idea all the way to your opening day. We are UK based, offering support 24/7 and are here when you need us, a team and a company you can count on.

Why Aquaglide?

For us there is only one choice when considering an aquapark, and that is Aquaglide. Why? The key reason is safety! Aquaparks by their very nature are busy and fruitful businesses, and key to their success is customer safety. There are many imitations on the market, but there are few aquapark products that carry the EN certification that Aquaglide parks do, and fewer still that are designed with safety as such high a concern. On top of this Aquaglide’s vast experience with their factories and materials means that without a doubt they offer the most durable commercial solution available. A 3 year commercial warranty is standard with all products, but we are confident you Aquaglide Aquapark will stand firm well beyond this, especially with our support.

Why us?

Simply put our service and experience is what we hope will put us at the top of your list when it comes to the creation of an aquapark. There are vast amounts of points to consider when putting a new park together, and through the process of creating the UKs biggest aquapark network, 5 times the size of our nearest competition, we have the experience to answer every question and create the perfect solution for your park. From the initial graphic designs and quotations all the way through to install and education on park maintenance we can be there for you and your park, guiding you to the end result of a very successful Aquaglide Aquapark.

The final reason, why us? We have never been beaten on a quotation on a like for like aquapark. If you are looking for an aquapark in the UK or Ireland, we will ensure that Aquaglide is the right choice for you. We look forward to hearing from you.


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